While Garcetti's in Hawaii, 12 Tons of Trash Fester in Downtown LA

While Garcetti's in Hawaii, 12 Tons of Trash Fester in Downtown LA

After a fire (sparked by a homeless encampment) destroyed the Priceless Apparel building in downtown LA in February 2018, businesses have used the space to illegally dump tons of trash and junk. Business owners and community activists called 311 to request cleanup more than two dozen times, but their requests were ignored until this week.

Crews finally showed up to clear the site on June 27, 2019, after an NBC Los Angeles reporter called Mayor Eric Garcetti - who was in Hawaii - to ask why this health hazard was being ignored.

 The video shows the scope of the problem.

There have to be more sites like this that Garcetti is ignoring. The real problem, though, still isn't being addressed. Sky-high garbage collection bills issued by companies that do a terrible job of actually collecting the garbage, coupled with lax enforcement of illegal dumping laws (and crazy low fines for illegal dumping) encourage business owners to dispose of their trash in this way. Until Garcetti fixes this underlying problem, the trash heaps will keep reappearing.

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