We are a group of people from every corner of the state. We work in diverse professions, are of all age groups, ethnicities, and economic classes.

We are young Californians who love our state and have grown up here but cannot afford to start our professional lives here.

We are empty nesters whose children are moving far away because they are afraid to raise their children in a place where the only things increasing are taxes and disease.

We are senior citizens who have lived the California dream and are heartbroken to see it in jeopardy.

We are immigrants who came to this country and this state to take part in its freedom and opportunity, to make our dreams come true.

In short, we are each and every one of the citizens of this state.

We are led by a group of engaged Californians who have been engaged in the political process, but who have been frustrated by the level of ineptness and corruption we've seen on both sides of the aisle.

Our executive director, Jennifer Van Laar, is a native Californian who is passionate about reclaiming the California Dream and making this state, once again, a place where people want to come to build businesses and raise families.