We understand that it will take more than just words to Save California - and we have a plan.


  • Statewide "Opt Out" campaign to inform union workers about their rights and help de-fund unions
  • Get-out-the-vote (GOTV) and ballot harvesting programs for the 2020 primary and general elections
  • Investigative reporting to expose corruption in state and local government
  • Voter registration and education programs, including educating voters on how to spot and report voter fraud
  • Training for volunteer poll watchers who will work throughout the state in 2020
  • Build coalitions with various stakeholders to collaborate on shared goals
  • Build a grassroots network of activists/campaign volunteers

Save California will fight for:

  • Changes in ballot harvesting laws to eliminate fraud
  • True justice reform (the kind that puts dangerous criminals behind bars and keeps them there)
  • Increased funding for effective mental health programs, to get mentally ill homeless people off the street and allow them to receive the treatment they deserve
  • Strengthened government transparency laws
  • Elimination of benefits to illegal immigrants
  • Penalties for unions engaging in retaliatory behavior toward workers who wish to opt out
  • Proven strategies to reduce homelessness

These are lofty goals. We must achieve them, though, if we are to save the California Dream.

We know success is ours if we all work together. Here's how you can help:

  • Donate
  • Purchase Save California Gear
  • Volunteer

Are you with us?