Money Savings Option for Your Home Electric Bills

Middle of summer in Maricopa County Arizona and your electric bill just showed up…

What do you do?

Open it?

Toss it aside?

Rip right in to see what pain your checkbook will have this month.

Yes, these are the typical reactions of those homeowners in Arizona. We can hear our air conditioning unit running hard to keep the house cool at 78 degrees.

But what about that electric water heater? Yes, that will run your electric bill up every time it cycles cooler water to make it hot.

Electric stoves, pool pumps, and so many more appliances are burning through your electric bill every month.

But there is a way to control your electric use without impacting your comfort in the house. Eco Electric has a product called a Demand Manager to install on your house. They add it next to your electrical panel on the side of the house and schedule your usage.

The Demand Manager is a brain for your power usage. Yes, you can run your air at 72 degrees all day and night and still get a 30-40 percent savings. Let me repeat that statement.


There are other saving options for you;

  • window covers
  • raise the thermostat to 80 degrees
  • sunscreens
  • tint film on your windows
  • replace your windows
  • check the weather stripping next to the doors
  • insulate your attic
  • spend $30,000 on a solar system

These are all viable means to get your electric savings. But the one I’m not fond of is the 80-degree inside temperature.

The ideal temp for your sleep is between 68 and 72 degrees. But most in the valley of the sun don’t ever get their AC that low. Why? because of the concern of what the electric bill will say.

No more worrying about your electric bill every month. We will get you savings by simply adding a Demand Manager to your home.

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